Podcast Tour Stop #1

     What up? Gonna make this short and sweet. I had the opportunity to be a guest on the “Throwing Eggs” podcast this last month. The episode is finally out. I’m gonna be real, takes us a few minutes to get in the flow, my fault, had never done a zoom before this, big things happening all around. Here it is below….


If you’re not the Spotify type it’s also available on iTunes and anywhere else podcasts are found.We talk about a bunch of cool stuff. Aside from a preview of my first book we touch on the ideas of Deep Work, and the ever growing need for focus and concentration in a constantly fragmented and distracted world. Lots of fun stuff. One of these guys is a former Peace Corps volunteer and a good friend, so if you enjoy our episode please give a listen to a few of his other recordings. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy and please give me some feedback on the podcast, always good to know for the future. And as always, please share this with anyone who you think may be interested. If you’ve yet to check out first book, from the pages of a finished PASSPORT, take a look by clicking here!

Take care and thanks for listening!

Travel Well, 
Patrick DiMarchi

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