The Passport

Let’s see. How should we do this? Do I go first person and tell you about myself? Or is it better to speak about myself as some abstract thing of which I have a sky view? Well, my name is Patrick DiMarchi. I’ve been writing or scribbling things down about as long as I can remember. Though only recently did I start turning those lines into something larger than an on the go journal. And now with the completion of my first novel, The Stateside Wanderer, I can change my title from writer to author. Though the idea of any official title has seemed unlikely as life continues to evolve. As am example, before locking myself into a basement to finish my novel I spent three years taking a swing at the world of stand-up comedy. A battle which continues to this day. Now prior to any of this nonsense I did actually have some stretches of normalcy in my life. I even managed to buckle down and finish my college degree in four years out of high school. Which may have been admirable if I hadn’t started taking classes when I was 14. Aside from the stage and my desk, I also manage to spend more than what would be considered a reasonable amount of time in my car. Driving is just one of those things I enjoy. That and snowboarding. Though it seems unfair to put those before my what I would call my most practiced skill over the last decade, language acquisition. Not that I’m fluent in any more than two (English and Spanish). But I was lucky enough to spend nearly a decade in what I would call an international watering hole and through that placement of life managed to pick up a lot of a little in the world of languages. Luckily I didn’t mind looking stupid when I messed up speaking (which happened constantly) because it has led to a neat set of experiences. Some of which you’ll see in my writings, but most of which you’ll have to catch in a short story if we ever run across each other in person.


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