The Passport

Let's see. How should we do this? Do I go first person and tell you about myself? Or is it better to speak about myself as some abstract thing of which I have a sky view? Well, my name is Patrick DiMarchi. I've been writing or scribbling things down about as long as I can [...]

The Books

  For the moment this page, though listed as plural, shall only contain a link to one completed book. Not that I don't want there to be more. But, damnit. I need some time. Currently I've got two more in one stage of production or another. And I still gotta get this one onto its' [...]

The Stage

I started stand up Comedy in the Winter of 2015 and since then have traveled to 21 cities within the United States, as well as Canada and Mexico. If you find yourself wanting to see some of my material you're welcome to click on the link below. Though I must warn, if you find issue [...]


My Debut Novel

So where do we begin? Well. I wrote a book. So if you like to read, I suppose this post applies to you. But if you rather skip the explanation and dive right into the book then just click here. Otherwise, let's get to it. I started this book at a point in my life when I was spending [...]

Where Realities Are Deeper Than Virtual

Episode 5: David Burgess and Virtual Reality In speaking on wasted money: "Well, I've thrown up more, on myself" -David. David Podcast Bio: David is a JMU Graduate, Virtual Reality Programmer and Ambassador, Semi-Spaniard, Rebel and part time Wolf-man impersonator. David has been programming VR programs for around 621 years now. He currently resides in [...]

Lessons From The Old

In all of my time traveling, I've come across a lot of neat tidbits, most of them from people much older than myself. And here I'll tell you why I think living like the old is the best way to live. And for the purpose of personal relation on my part, this will be living like an old [...]

A Skeptics Future

Episode 4. Futures of a Skeptic Will driving one day be illegal? Did you know bringing wolves back to Yellowstone was able to change the course of rivers? How long would you want to live if you couldn’t die? How do declining predators affect fish populations? In this talk, Luke and I sit down in [...]

Closing The Gaps

The way I see it, your life is one big gap. From the day you’re born, to the day you die. Between those two days will be a series of gaps that are your personal duty to fill. My personal suggestion is to do so with an abidance of knowledge and experience. Because the quality [...]

What the Virtual can do to the Real

We have a new drug that is on the brink of radical acceptance. This drug will be legal for all ages and will spread so rapidly the entire world may miss the absorption into our society in the blink of an eye. I fear that the drug of the future will be Virtual Reality. Ultimately, people will [...]

Off the Stages & Into the Pages

So this last year I decided to take a break from sports. Not because I don't like sports, but because I had seen enough games. I started to wonder how many hours of my life I had spent watching strangers go up and down a field. That being said, I made a promise to myself [...]