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If your book club is looking for a story of modern travel and the restlessness that comes after you’ve seen it all, The Stateside Wanderer, is a must read for all those with a heart meant to roam. This fast paced debut novel is set in the mind of a seasoned traveler as he takes a group of childhood friends on a road trip through Central America after not having seen them or his hometown for most of his twenties. Click here between September 28th and September 30th in-order to download a free kindle copy of The Stateside Wanderer. Use the same link to enjoy the paperback available via Amazon. Below is everything you will need to  create a memorable discussion around the book club including: 

☐ An overview of what to expect from the read.

☐ Reviews from fellow book lovers.

☐ from the pages book club questions.

 Book Summary:

Exploring the freedom of movement and one character’s tendency to roam in an increasingly connected world this stream of conscious tale follows the day-by-day thoughts and happenings of an overly cautious traveler as he takes four small-town friends along a Central American road trip and into a realm of international hideaways kept alive by travelers of a different type. Along the way the group encounters world leaders, seaside drug smugglers, and some of the hardest to find hostels in the Spanish speaking world. While spending two weeks crossing borders and trekking mountain top jungles visitors from the past and fantasies of lives left unfinished begin to resurface, bringing out an internal conflict long shared by old partners in crime. Living through the eyes of a seasoned nomad, The Stateside Wanderer brings out the humor, headaches, and memories of many first time backpackers as the group navigates through the nuances of life on the go; showcasing what it’s like to experience the consequences of mischief, restlessness, and a heated past between friends on the road. Open up and read along to meet 4, travelers going through 3 countries, touching 2 oceans, led by 1 translator. 

Questions to consider:

Were there any particular passages that stood out, good or bad?

Did you relate to any of the characters? Did any of the characters remind you of anyone you know?

What really worked or stood out as good for you in the book?

Were there any characters you wanted to see more of?  Less of?  Did you want to see more interactions between certain characters or have a situation more fleshed out?

Did this book remind you of any other book or author (writing style)?

Do you remember how it felt the first time you left your hometown? Was it something you grew up dreaming of?

Has a major inconvenience or hiccup in your plans ever led to a better outcome?

Does modern day communication help or hurt us in keeping touch with our childhood friends?

What is the ‘right amount of time’ for a road trip with friends? 

What character other than the main character would you most want to meet?

Have you ever found it easier to discuss your life with strangers than you do with the people you know the most?


Emma F.- Colorado

I’m writing this review as I read this wonderful book for the second time. It’s kind of like reading a new, but familiar book since I read it the first time by it’s former tittle – as the “hello reader” first pages talk about. I recommend this book not only because the author has always had a mesmerizing way of speaking (story telling is certainly a strong point) but because it sends you on an adventure. The descriptions put you right in the car, jungle, volcano, beach etc with the fascinating characters. I never had any desire to stay in a hostel, but I definitely do now. Fair warning: the desire to travel after you read this book will just about double, if not triple in intensity. Read it. You won’t regret it

J. Hughes – Virginia

It is been years since I have found myself completely absorbed by a book of any type.  I recommend this book to any who loves to read and either loves to travel or has the itch to encounter something out of your everyday routine. 

Ashley M. – Alaska 

Reading this book made me long to be out on an adventure traveling somewhere I’ve never been and meeting people I’ll likely never talk to again. It was a great read to get through pandemic life when dreaming about being somewhere far away is the most you are able to do!

About the Author:

After writing a book in the first person it has become impossible not to talk in the same manner even when doing a ‘third-person’ style author description. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best. I came along somewhere close enough to the end of the eighties to be considered a millennial, but not enough so that  I can remember what the eighties were like. Somewhere in the 90’s I started writing and since then I’ve scribbled my way through a little bit of everything from contracts to comedy. Although I think I should have just given in and written a book years ago. I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley and attended James Madison University, where I studied Political Science. And while I loved the classes, teachers, and the abundance of discussions, I probably should have gone another route. What route you ask? Well, had I been more in touch with myself back then I would have gone towards studying linguistics. It’s one of the only topics which has constantly fascinated me, and the patterns of my life would indicate I have a tendency to place myself around some sort of international watering hole every chance I get. And in doing so I inevitably pick up a bit of whatever tongue dominates the area or people passing through. This of course led to more traveling. And now has led to books. The first of which you are about to read. With at least four more on the way when you’re done. So stay tuned. 

Now if you wanna know a few random things about my traveling side…. Uh, I’ve driven cross country seven times, which I’m sure sounds reasonable. I’ve never owned a vehicle with an automatic transmission, in-fact even driving one makes me nervous. I always end up speeding when I do. Despite the fact that I’m now seen as ‘well traveled’ I didn’t actually step foot on a plane until I was almost twenty-years old. And as embarrassing as it is to admit, I have zero frequent flyer miles stacked up from all of my years on the road. Like zero. Keeping track of stuff like that is more annoying to me than a few seemingly far more difficult tasks like writing and editing a book. Speaking of books, I enjoy reading (though most of my books are consumed on audiobook these days) and I’ve loved documentaries since way before it was cool to talk about them. Okay I think that’s enough for now.

Thanks for taking an interest and check out the rest of my work at my website And keep up by following me on Instagram @PatrickDiMarchi.

Click the link below between September 28th and September 30th in-order to download a free kindle copy of The Stateside Wanderer. Use the same link to enjoy the paperback available via Amazon. 

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