All reviews are down so without my coercion and copied from the Amazon sales page. And though I won’t tell you which one, I only actually know one of these humans. The others were just people off of Amazon. Thanks to those who reviewed the book so far!

Hear what the readers are saying…

Emma F.- Colorado

I’m writing this review as I read this wonderful book for the second time. It’s kind of like reading a new, but familiar book since I read it the first time by it’s former tittle – as the “hello reader” first pages talk about. I recommend this book not only because the author has always had a mesmerizing way of speaking (story telling is certainly a strong point) but because it sends you on an adventure. The descriptions put you right in the car, jungle, volcano, beach etc with the fascinating characters. I never had any desire to stay in a hostel, but I definitely do now. Fair warning: the desire to travel after you read this book will just about double, if not triple in intensity. Read it. You won’t regret it

J. Hughes – Virginia

It is been years since I have found myself completely absorbed by a book of any type.  I recommend this book to any who loves to read and either loves to travel or has the itch to encounter something out of your everyday routine.

Ashley M. – Alaska

Reading this book made me long to be out on an adventure traveling somewhere I’ve never been and meeting people I’ll likely never talk to again. It was a great read to get through pandemic life when dreaming about being somewhere far away is the most you are able to do!

Patrick has written a travel log that speaks to his generation sending a group of friends on the road in the best Jack Kerouac style to explore little known locations while at the same time discovering meaning in their lives.
The ending leaves us believing a sequel is in the works and I look forward to it.

-a seasoned lawyer

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