The Books

For the moment this page, though listed as plural, shall only contain a link to one completed book. Not that I don’t want there to be more. But, damnit. I need some time. Currently I’ve got two more in one stage of production or another. And I still gotta get this one onto its’ own stage. So for now take the time to read my debut novel first.

The Stateside Wanderer

….told through the veil of a Central American road trip, this stream of consciousness tale immerses readers into a world of international hideaways and linguistic lovers as it follows the conflicting nature of a few old friends discovering each others worlds after a decade apart. As their travel plans are interrupted at the last minute, an already loosely planned getaway turns into an impromptu trip up the Caribbean coast, filled with characters from the road and abroad. Written as a day-by-day account, The Stateside Wanderer brings out the humor, headaches, and memories of many first time travelers as this first time translator guides a group of rambunctious hometown friends through the nuances of life on the road, all the while reflecting on a decade spent living in the Spanish speaking world. Following the consequences of mischief, desire, and a voided itinerary, this engaging narrative explores the life of those driven by a tendency to roam, and shows a growing generation of traveler that EVEN WANDERLUST TAKES YOU SOMEWHERE. Join the inner dialogue & come along this R-rated journey with…

4 Travelers

3 Countries

2 Oceans

& 1 Translator.

One morning I was interrupted by a message which read,
“How much for two weeks of your time?
I could use a translator if you’re interested…”
The story you’re about to read is a result of that interruption.

from the pages of a finished PASSPORT starts when the voice of this fast-paced narrative is invited to tag along as an interpreter for a group of hometown friends embarking on a fishing trip along the Caribbean Coast.

Leading them through a series of small towns and international watering holes, our narrator shares his thoughts and regional knowledge during an impromptu road trip through the heart of Latin America. Balancing a variety of linguistic barriers and culture shock, this posse of first time travelers tests the patience of their wanderlust driven guide as he attempts to correct the course of their trip as well as his relationship with the ringleader of this rambunctious group.

Follow them as they meet a collection of international vagabonds, roaming ex-pats, and one world leader in this two-week adventure fueled by cultural curiosity and a tendency to roam.

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  1. Patrick, thanks for your kind gift of your book! Finished it in no time, and it’s such a fun read! You have some great stories. Hope we can meet in person, once this pandemic settles down.


    1. Ah yes! Forgive me, I didn’t have the last name on the top of my head. I’m so happy to hear it made to you two! I would love to meet you once all of this settles down as well. I’ll get your info via my dad and we’ll set something up down the line! Hopefully before my second book comes out.


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