A Skeptics Future

Episode 4. Futures of a Skeptic

Will driving one day be illegal?
Did you know bringing wolves back to Yellowstone was able to change the course of rivers?
How long would you want to live if you couldn’t die?
How do declining predators affect fish populations?

In this talk, Luke and I sit down in the peace and quiet of the guest house, and discuss lots of random topics including; how long would you live if you couldn’t die, driverless cars, and the power of trusting strangers with couch surfing. While Luke has yet to try couch surfing, he discusses his attempts to stay with strangers.

Luke brings about his pluming and water experience of 15 years in a large part of this podcast as we discuss the future problems of pipes and infrastructure in America. Specifically he addresses some of the issues with water concerns in Southern Florida and Washington D.C.

Have you ever considered if driving could be illegal one day? Find our thoughts on it at 54 minutes.

Listen up & Learn something.

We always welcome your feedback, so please leave a comment or contact me via twitter @PatDiMarchi

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2:00 Misperceptions about people
6:33 Hear about our friend going cross country on a bicycle
9:43 EuroWorld Travels
13:40 Dangers Traveling Abroad
54:00 Will driving be illegal?
55:00 What do to with all the cars?
1:02:14 Water Erodes all
1:13:45 When Lincoln’s child died while in office.
1:14:40 Subsistence Farming
1:15:30 How good life is in the United States comparatively.
1:17:00 How long would you want to live if you could live forever?
1:22:00 Is eating healthy a task?
1:30:45 Working out leads to someone licking your muscles

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