Bedside Books

Could anyone else write a better review of your bedroom than yourself? I am going to go ahead and answer that question for you. No, only you could write an accurate review of your room. You’ve spent countless hours inside of your room. Sleeping, cleaning, folding clothes, and just generally wasting time pacing back and forth. You know where everything belongs. Ok great, you’re convinced. You know your room better than anyone else. 
So why does this matter? Well chances are no one particularly cares about a review of your bedroom, unless it’s a brief AirBnB review. This matters because the world is filled with an abundance of great literature just waiting to be read. Whether you need to know about how to repair your car or wish to explore the writings found deep inside the Egyptian Pyramids, there is a lot of material out there just waiting to be consumed. 
There are very few original thoughts left in the world of the human mind. Experiences may be limitless, but it is safe to assume that all of the really important topics in life have been extensively considered before your time. Currently we sit on a planet of around 7 Billion people, with billions of lives to speak of before our time. Only some of these people have taken the time to actively write about their thoughts and concerns in the universe, but I assure you it’s enough people to have made quite a dent in any topic.
If you find yourself going through a struggle in life with a specific topic being at the center of your suffering, I assure you that you can find a way to deal with it through the wonderful world of literature. If you wish to know the best method for eliminating fat from your midsection, there’s a plethora of books for you. If you need to know how to repair your new Volkswagen, properly groom a dog, or even how to do your taxes. Regardless of the topic, there is something out there which can help you. 
This is why you should read. Read all that you can get your hands on. A book is essentially the epitome of thought on any topic by an individual. While yes this thought has been filtered through the mind of the author, it is nonetheless filled with far more insight than you could hope to gain in the amount of time it would take for you to just read the book. Someone has already done most of the hard work, so why not profit from it. 
Biographies are great for life lessons, if someone has a biography that’s in your bookstore then chances are they’ve achieved some level of notoriety. I suggest these the most because they show how even the greats are still human.
As Einstein said, “I not only use my brain, but all of the brains I can borrow”. Its imperative that you continue to read. Once you stop, you stop growing.Thomas Jefferson referred to knowledge as light. If you put a dome around a plant, that plant ceases to grow. If you stop letting the light in, the same will happen to your mind.

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