First Novel Finally Done

So where do we begin? Well. I wrote a book. So if you like to read, I suppose this post applies to you. But if you rather skip the explanation and dive right into the book then just click here. Otherwise, let’s get to it. I started this book at a point in my life when I was spending a lot of time in and around New York City attempting to go deeper into the world of stand-up comedy. Though that goal started taking a back seat after I went through my notebooks and found a collection of writings I had from what I would call my times in the Spanish speaking world. Removed from that time and those experiences I found myself flooded with ideas and knew I had to turn them into something more. Next I started rearranging my life and soon found myself spending every moment possible working on the book in one capacity or another. That process continued on repeat and despite my efforts I still went beyond my first projected date of completion by nearly a year. And even then it took months before the thing was actually printed and ready for readers.

For now I will spare telling you anything more before you’ve had time to read it. Of course I am happy to discuss it with anyone once they have. I’ve been fortunate to make it to some really cool places over the last decade or so and nothing has given me greater pleasure than sharing those stories or some version of them with my friends. It is only now that I attempt to do the same for a much wider audience. That being said, be prepared to meet a wide variety of characters and scenarios, some of which I’ve stood in, many of which I haven’t. And for those of you who’ve never met me, I hope you find enjoyment in how I write. I’ve been told I use a lot of clauses and that I skip around from thoughts to happenings without making much distinction. Which may be true, but at the end of the day I hope this all just sounds like one really long conversation in which you weren’t able to get a word in.

My novel is available by clicking here and being redirected to the my sales page on Amazon. Once you’ve read it, please leave me a review. And don’t forget to share with any of your friends, whether they be bookworms or vagabonds.

Travel Well,

Patrick DiMarchi


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