Closing The Gaps

The way I see it, your life is one big gap. From the day you’re born, to the day you die. Between those two days will be a series of gaps that are your personal duty to fill. My personal suggestion is to do so with an abundance of knowledge and experience. Because the quality of your life will depend on your ability to live within these gaps.

There’s always a gap between who you are, and who you could be. Who you will be will happen no matter what. Not changing now will make you who you shall become a year from now. How you could ideally be is only limited by your willingness to close the gaps on where you wish to be and how quickly you close them.

The self-knowledge gap will be the most important to fill. You are you. Now you have to learn about you. Ask yourself some good questions. You feel an emotion out of a situation, so what is sparking this, are you noticing a pattern? Watch it. Those will keep coming around. Every time you have some pain, it’s a gap of knowledge about a subject or a person which has lead you there. Any inefficiency is merely a gap in efficiency. And sometimes those gaps are within ourselves.

There’s a gap in your energy? Then fix the gap in your nutrition and exercise. Search for what you remember as making you feel energized and use it to fill your life. There’s a gap in your happiness, then there’s a gap within you. If someone hadn’t focused on gaps in Machu Picchu, we probably wouldn’t know about it today.

Don’t let yourself be held in by the gaps of life. Narrow these gaps, build your bridges, and always be certain to mend your gaps before they turn into canyons. How you do one thing is often how you do everything. Once you start closing gaps you’ll make this a habit and you’ll soon see that it becomes exponentially easier to make progress on your other shortcomings.

Do not see money as a gap. Money is earned by creating more value for others than someone else can. So if you can solve someone else’s gaps, you will solve your own money issue. Say you work in an office. The office has chairs and phones. The customers have money, and your company has the product. So where’s the gap? That’s where you come in. You’re already helping to fill the gaps of others to create value, so why not do the same for yourself.

Sad part is sometimes we don’t know what gaps we have until they’ve started to hurt us already. I didn’t realize how weak the muscle around my knees were until I faced an issue with them. I used to have constant problems with my toes. I was always hitting them on something. I was walking too fast and not being deliberate enough with my actions. Now it’s been almost a year since injuring my feet in any way.

Your ability to recognize and fill gaps will help push you further in life. Not getting hired at your dream job? Then that job probably sees a gap in your resume or experience. Fill it.

Keeping filling the gaps and watch your life grow.

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