Remembering Please & Thank You

I got a weird idea for you.... Simply changing the way we communicate with computers could ultimately save our lives. I know that sounds a tad dramatic but hear me out. There is a new wave of Artificial Intelligence that will soon be coming into our daily lives whether we want to believe it or not.... Continue Reading →

Bedside Books

Could anyone else write a better review of your bedroom than yourself? I am going to go ahead and answer that question for you. No, only you could write an accurate review of your room. You've spent countless hours inside of your room. Sleeping, cleaning, folding clothes, and just generally wasting time pacing back and... Continue Reading →

A review of Bose headphones

     While trying to avoid being productive the other day, I decided it was time to walk into Bose to check out some new headphones even though I had no interest in buying a new pair. Over the last few years I've had progressively worse luck with headphones and found most to only last... Continue Reading →

What is Xprize?

Here's why it's important. Problems in the world must be solved. Sometimes there is incentive needed to solve them. Bottom Line. The X-Prize is an interesting foundation which challenges teams to solve world concerns, in a time-limit with a prize waiting. Check out some of their prizes as well as their most recent prizes. I... Continue Reading →

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